About the Council

Maine Seaweed Council was formed in 1993 by a group of seaweed harvesters, business owners, researchers, and consultants to address growing concerns within the seaweed “industry” in Maine. These concerns included managing seaweed natural resources for fairness and sustainability, training new harvesters and those looking to start seaweed businesses, and educating the public as well as law makers and resource managers about the benefits of seaweeds for human and animal health and use in agriculture.

The Seaweed Council has advocated for years for statewide management of the seaweed industry, to protect both livelihoods and ecosystems from over-harvesting and misuse of resources. In 2013 the Maine Department of Marine Resources began the process of developing statewide management plans for seaweed, starting with Rockweed (Ascophyllum nodosum). Council members have pioneered a variety of sustainable harvesting and processing practices and methods, including mechanical harvesters, hand-harvesting, harvesting solely within a local area, sun and air drying, and most recently “farming” kelp and other types of seaweed in aquaculture projects.

Maine Seaweed Council Members - 2016

The Maine Seaweed Council's membership is currently comprised of individual, harvesters, researchers, processors, product makers and associates. Member names in bold are founding members of the Council.
OrganizationIndividualWeb SiteElected Position
Shep ErhartPresident
George SeaverVice President
Gavin HoodTreasurer
Bonnie TobeySecretary
Acadian Seaplants LimitedTBDCompany Site
Acadian Seaplants LimitedSteve MarvinCompany Site
Acadian Seaplants LimitedPaul WatsonCompany Site
Acadian Seaplants LimitedDennis BryantCompany Site
Acadian Seaplants LimitedJP DeveauCompany Site
Acadian Seaplants LimitedChris MorrisseyCompany Site
Coastal Enterprises, Inc.Richard ClimeCompany Site
Dulse & RugosaClaire WeinbergCompany Site
Ingredient Solutions Inc.Pete BixlerCompany Site
Maine Coast Sea VegetablesShep ErhartCompany SitePresident
Maine Coast Sea VegetablesSeraphina ErhartCompany Site
Maine Fresh Sea FarmsSeth BarkerCompany SiteBoard Member
Maine Fresh Sea FarmsPete FischerCompany Site
Maine Maritime AcademyJessica MuhlinUniversity SiteBoard Member
SpringtideSarah RedmondResearcher Profile
North American KelpDave PrestonCompany SiteBoard Member
North American KelpRobert MorseCompany Site
Ocean OrganicsGeorge SeaverCompany SiteVice President
AquaFarms LLCTollef OlsonBoard Member
SourceBonnie TobeyCompany SiteSecretary
SourceGreg TobeyCompany SiteBoard Member
SourceSusan DomiziCompany SiteBoard Member
Unity CollegeAimee PhillippiResearcher Profile
University of MaineSusan BrawleyResearcher Profile
VitaminSeaTom RothCompany Site
VitaminSeaKelly RothCompany Site