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We are glad you are interested in joining the Maine Seaweed Council (MSC). This page includes the following:

  • A reminder of our Mission, which you must agree to observe as a member.
  • Our current Dues Structure.
  • Our online Membership Application Form.

Our Mission

The Maine Seaweed Council strives to protect the ecosystems of Maine’s marine algae, develop and adhere to sustainable cultivation and harvest practices, promote the use of Maine seaweeds, educate the public, regulators, and elected officials, and provide a collaborative forum for its members.

MSC Dues Structure

Revised April 2016

Company Memberships

Company Membership levels are for one (1) representative of a company. Additional employees of a member company are required to pay $75/per person. For example, if your company has annual sales of $330k and you want 2 people in addition to yourself to be members, your total fee would be $400–that’s  $250 for you/your company and $75 per additional person.


  • $500 – Sales greater than $1MM
  • $250 – Sales between $250k and $1MM
  • $100 – Sales less than $250k


  • $200 – Suppliers – For-profit business that provides services, materials or equipment to the seaweed industry.
  • $100 – Associate – Not a seaweed business and not a direct industry supplier. Includes non-profits.

Individual Memberships

  • $75 – Independent Harvesters
  • $50 – Researcher/Educator/Individual
  • $25 – Student


Your application will be voted on by the Board as soon as possible but it could take up to two (2) months. Please do not make any payments until your application has been accepted by the Seaweed Council.  

  • Payment Method: Make a check payable to Maine Seaweed Council and mail to: Maine Seaweed Council, Attn: Gavin Hood, 326 Dead River Road
    Bowdoin, Me. 04287

If you are a new member and your membership is accepted after June 30th, your dues will be prorated to half of your annual commitment for that year.

Renewal dues must be paid by the March 31st of the calendar year of membership.

The dues category you choose is based on the honor system and will remain the confidential knowledge of the Treasurer, and in some cases, the Board.

Membership Application Form

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Membership Category* (descriptions above)

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I confirm that I will abide by the Mission of the Maine Seaweed Council